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Fuel Pump

Hometown Garage Tech Question: I was driving on a local Portland road and my vehicle started sputtering. And then the engine finally quit and I couldn't get it started. I was towed to a shop in Portland and found out I had to replace my fuel pump. What could I have done to have saved my fuel pump? Hometown Garage Answer: This is a tough one for Portland residents because there isn't any maintenance recommended for fuel pumps. They're inside the fuel tank and you really can't get to them without removing the tank. But Portland drivers can do some things to make their job easier so they last a little longer. A lot of vehicles are equipped with a fuel filter on their gas line. This filters out dirt and rust from the gas tank before it gets to the engine. Replacing a clogged fuel filter as recommended reduces the strain on your fuel pump. Many newer vehicles driving around Portland have their fuel filter inside the ... read more

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